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What Type of Charger Do I Need: Power Delivery, Quick Charge or GaN?

What Type of Charger Do I Need: Power Delivery, Quick Charge or GaN?

Find The Perfect Charger To Fast Charge Your Devices

While newer mobile devices have been moving toward being smaller, faster, and more powerful than ever, this has led to the demand for upgraded chargers that can keep up with the ever-increasing battery capacities and increasing need for faster-than-ever charging speeds.

Yet, it seems that now chargers come in various sizes, technologies, and wattages, that read as if only for those who truly understand the tech-savvy language, like what exactly is a GaN USB-C Charger and what is a charger with Quick Charge?

MyBat Pro has been a leader at innovating and incorporating the latest advanced high-speed technologies into our travel adapters and chargers. So, we’ve broken down some of the more prominent technologies to clue you in and expertly explain what each is and how it can add a boost to your charging times!

Power Delivery (USB-C PD)

Built directly into the USB-C port of many MyBat Pro chargers is a new type of fast charging technology called Power Delivery.

Power Delivery, or USB-C PD technology, enables devices to quickly take on higher voltage power by automatically adjusting the voltage and wattage incrementally until reaching the exact power output a device needs. Since less energy and heat are used in this process, charges enhanced with Power Delivery are safer than standard chargers, thus preserving your devices’ battery life. 

As for battery life and size, the battery capacity on most current phones, such as the new iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21, can handle up to a 20W output. Yet, the standard charger included with most phones is still only 5W, which is only a quarter of the power your phone can receive!

In contrast, the minimum wattage for a charger with Power Delivery is 15W since it needs options to adjust to the maximum output for the device it is charging. This means that a 15W charger can charge batteries with a 5W, 10W, and 15W capacity faster and with ease!

Power Delivery also has a broader range of output than standard chargers. It can support up to 100W of charging power, and communicates with USB-C charging cables to enable up to 60W of power! This enables you to use a charger with Power Delivery to charge larger devices like tablets and laptops faster!

While there is no proper standard for the amount of time it takes for Power Delivery chargers to fully power up a device, the general rule of thumb is that a 20W charger with Power Delivery will charge the latest smartphones fully in about an hour, and a 60W charger with Power Delivery can charge a 16” MacBook Pro fully in about 2 hours.

The 33W Mini USB-C Fast Charging Power Delivery Wall Charger comes with 6X more power than standard 5W chargers and can charge your phone from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes! It is also perfect for charging tablets like the latest iPad and Galaxy Pad, or even your USB-C powered laptop like the Microsoft Surface and Asus Zenbook!

The 30W 2-Port Quick Power Delivery Car Charger provides high-speed power on the road! With powerful dual outputs, a 30W USB-C Power Delivery port, and a 30W QC 3.0 port, you can fast charge two devices simultaneously! Perfect for road trips or needing multiple devices powered up for when you stop, the 2-Port Quick Charger will have you arriving fully charged!

Quick Charge (QC 3.0 and QC 4.0)

Speaking of QC 3.0 ports,

Developed by Qualcomm in 2013, Quick Charge, or QC is a fast-charging protocol built into standard USB-A ports and is most commonly centered on Android phones, allowing them to receive faster than average charging speeds.

Quick Charge allows more energy to safely flow into your devices by determining the exact voltage your device’s battery needs. This process leads to incredibly efficient charging rates and preserves your battery life with less drain and strain on your devices.

To stop your devices from heating up and to prevent energy loss from the conversion of high wattages, Quik Charge ports deliver 18W in various charging increments, for example, 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A,  so that your device receives the same output, even if it is a low voltage.

Built into many MyBat Pro Chargers are QC 4+ and QC 3.0 ports that can charge compatible devices from 0 to 80% in just 35 minutes and charge 5° cooler than standard chargers.

The 30W Dual Port USB-A + USB-C  Fast Charging Power Delivery Wall Charger provides both Power Delivery and QC 3,0 technology in two powerful ports! Fast charge two devices at once, or even just plug in to charge your tablet or laptop with 30W of total max power! With an ultra-compact and lightweight design, this high-powered charger barely takes up any space in your wall outlet and easily fits in any bag, so you can bring rapid power wherever you go.

The S-15 FM Transmitter + Car Charger upgrades your car with Bluetooth streaming capabilities and powerful dualQuick Charge ports, powering your drive like no other charger! Experience fast charging speeds while taking and making calls, regardless of the year of your car! Get an all-in-one charger and experience Quick Charge technology! 

Gallium Nitride (GaN)

While chargers get smaller and need higher wattages to power your devices, the old chips and semiconductors used just can’t handle the energy transfer and power required to give your devices the power it deserves.

Enter gallium nitride or GaN; this semiconductor replaces old, outdated silicon circuit boards and produces smaller than ever and more efficient chargers that remain cool to the touch, even when plugged into larger devices!

While 50-75% smaller than standard chargers with silicon semiconductors, GaN chargers can produce 100X more power and support higher wattage charging!

Since GaN can produce so much more power, the chargers often offer Power Delivery and Quick Charge capabilities. While other chargers rely on heat to determine how much energy they can take on and for how long of a duration, GaN chargers can work past the standard threshold and deliver even more speed without the excessive heat transfer for a longer charging lifetime!

The MyBat Pro 100W GaN USB-C Travel Adapter Charger lets you experience the latest in fast-charging solutions! Packing 100W of power into an extremely portable design, this unbelievable GaN powerhouse packs 3 high-speed USB-C ports enhanced with Power Delivery, and a Quick Charge USB-A port so you can charge your laptop, tablet, and phone all at once. With built-in safety measures and cool-to-touch charging, your devices are fully protected as they power up.

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