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Incredibly Durable Charge & Sync Cables Available Now

If you’re looking for a charging cable for your phone, tablet, or even your laptop, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from. Whether your devices have Micro USB, USB-A, USB-C, or Lightning ports, you will receive the highest charging rates, data transfer speeds, or high-definition sound available. 

Cables Designed for High-Speed Charging and Data Transfer

Our quick charging cables can help you make charging your device faster and more efficient than ever.  Make use of your Android device's fast charging capabilities with a USB-C power adapter and one of our USB-C cables. Since USB-C cables are designed to accommodate more power than previous USB cables, they support up to 60W of Power Delivery charging and 480Mbps data transfer and sync rates when plugged into a USB-C compatible laptop or computer. Our Lightning cables are MFi certified, which means that they meet Apple's high standards of quality and performance to charge your iPhones and iPads.

Choose From A Variety of Lengths

Various lengths are available from 3 feet up to an extended 6 feet, so you can plug into any charger and have it reach your device or even a passenger. The cables from MyBat Pro have reinforced stress points, thick gauges, braided nylon coatings, and 5,000 bend lifespans, giving them an edge over standard cables.

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