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10 Must-Have Accessories While You WFH

10 Must-Have Accessories While You WFH

How Wireless Accessories Improve Productivity In Your Home Office

As offices and businesses continue to shift to remote work, setting up a home office with the right tools has become increasingly important. Without the right working environment, it is easy to lose focus and even harder to stay connected to your busy schedule.

Yet, with just a few accessories, you can create a comfortable and productive workspace regardless of whether you have a dedicated workspace or are working at the kitchen table, couch, or even from your bed.

In the ever-changing world and workplace, MyBat Pro is devoted to creating products that ensure you are productive wherever you are! Our Bluetooth headsets, active noise cancellation true wireless earbuds, wireless chargers, stands, and mounts allow you to work efficiently while offering advanced office perks!

Below we have put together a list of must-have accessories to completely enhance your working experience within the home office.

1. Bluetooth Headsets
Having the right headset is key to taking or making conference calls all day on platforms like Zoom or Skype or staying in touch with colleagues on Teams or Google Meet.

The MyBat Pro EZtalk Bluetooth Headset pairs smoothly using the latest technology and offers quick control for convenient hands-free use. This advanced headset employs noise-canceling technology with an omnidirectional boom microphone that eliminates 6X more noise than other headsets to pick up your voice in the noisiest environments. The Qualcomm chipset lets you hear even the subtlest details in your calls our music in stunning high-definition. With its memory foam ear cup and a flexible rotatable microphone, the headset is designed to comfortably fit either ear and ensure all-day comfort. The dual-device connection allows you to seamlessly switch between your smartphone and laptop for calls and conferences. The battery provides up to 17 hours of talk time on a single charge, so you can stay busy without worrying about charging! Don't be confined to your desk; take your calls anywhere!

2. Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds 

Working from home, even with your own office or room, can sometimes get noisy. With the right pair of earbuds, you can stay focused and get on with your workday without distractions.

With MyBat Pro's Trance Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds, you'll be able to concentrate and get on with your workday, regardless of whether you're making conference calls or blocking out distractions. Thanks to Active Noise Canceling technology, the Trance emits its own sound waves that act as a barrier for outside noise, so all you hear is your calls or music and not the world around you.
With built-in smart touch controls and a noise-canceling microphone, navigating playlists, taking or making calls, and activating voice assistants have never been more accessible! With a high battery capacity and portable size, these wireless earbuds let you enjoy the true stereo sound for up to 33 hours. Sounds like a dream!

3. Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

A Bluetooth speaker provides a mini surround sound system for those who don't want to wear earbuds or headsets all day.

The MyBat Pro Palm Bluetooth Speaker lets you work with clear, high-quality sound! Take or make calls and enjoy a hands-free speakerphone function using the built-in microphone. With 3W of power and a 400mAH battery, enjoy booming bass, detailed mids, and balanced highs for an extended non-stop playtime of up to 5 hours! Keep your desk organized while enjoying a room-filling sound!

4. Multi-Port Fast-Charging Wall Adapters 

With multi-port chargers, your wall outlet can become a quick charging hub to keep all your devices charged and close to you.

The MyBat Pro 100W USB-C GaN Travel Adapter features 4 powerful, fast-charging ports enhanced with USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charging USB that can power a 16” Macbook Pro from 0 to 100% in 2 hours and the latest iPhone or Android smartphone in just an hour! This small but powerful charger features a super-charged allium nitride semiconductor and outputs 100X more power than a standard silicon charger. This ultra-compact and lightweight charger will barely take up any premium space in your outlets at half the size of standard silicon chargers! More power, smaller size!

5. Wireless Charging Stands 

Tangled cords and wires aren't just ugly--they can be a safety hazard too. Using a wireless charging stand, however, you can charge your Qi-enabled phone without the necessity of plugging into a wall charger or USB port for up to 15W of instant fast-charging power!

Stop plugging and unplugging cables! The MyBat Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station allows you to cut the cord while organizing your workspace! Charge 3 devices simultaneously with two wireless charging surfaces, a fast-charging 10W phone stand that's 2X more powerful than standard wired chargers, a 5W charging pad for AirPods or other wireless earbuds, and a built-in Apple Watch charger! With a wide dual coil charging area for your phone, you can watch videos and catch up with shows while charging in either portrait or landscape. Enter the wireless future!

Simply attach your MagSafe compatible iPhone 12 or 13, and set down your wireless earbuds on the MyBat Pro 2-in-1 MagSafe Wireless Charging Station to enjoy the fast-charging 7.5W phone stand and 2.5W charging pad. With an adjustable viewing angle of up to 50°, quickly find the perfect positioning to catch up on notifications while charging in either portrait or landscape. The stylish design, crafted from premium metallic alloy, keeps the charging stable sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about accidental falls. The included 20W PD power adapter and USB-C to USB-C cable provide even more versatility! Get locked onto charging!

6. Laptop Phone Mounts 

Magnetic laptop mounts are perfect for people wanting a dual-screen setup! They allow you to keep your view on your phone and laptop screen!

The MyBat Pro Magnetic Laptop Mount provides perfect screen access between your laptop and phone without any obstruction. The mount is easy to install with a powerful 3M adhesive that sticks to your laptop without damaging it and includes metal plates to attach to your phone. With ergonomic adjustability, you can position your phone with 150° of adjustable viewing angles and say goodbye to back and neck strain.  The mount is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and folds flush for portability. Expand your workstation or setup!

7. Multi-Flex Gooseneck Mount 

A flexible mount for your phone or tablet alleviates back and neck pain by providing the perfect ergonomic view of your devices. 

The MyBat Pro Multi-Flex Gooseneck Holder clips onto any desk, table, or bedframe, letting you rest your hands and view your phone or tablet in the most flexible way possible. The universal cradle securely holds all phones or tablets ranging from 4" to 10" and rotates 360° for portrait or landscape viewing. With the flexible gooseneck of 40", adjust the angle to match your work or video conference needs! This mount is made from aluminum-magnesium alloy with elegant gold accents to provide sturdy and stable support for even the heaviest smartphones and tablets. Bring the view to you!

8. Tablet Stand

Easily check emails and notifications, and use the adjustable view for video calls and meetings.

When working from your tablet, the MyBat Pro Firm Grip Tablet Mount makes it easy for you to find the best view. The universal cradle can secure all tablets ranging from 5.5” to 12.9” and conveniently rotates 360° for portrait or landscape viewing using adjustable grips. The 180° adjustable viewing angle allows you to get the right height and positioning for your device, so you no longer have to deal with neck and back strain. A weighted metal base, non-slip rubber cushioning, and base pads protect your device from scratches, falls, and drops. Charge your device from any angle with easy access to the charging port! Get a Frim Grip on the perfect view!

9. USB-C to USB-A Adapters

Rather than USB-A ports, many newer laptops and computers come standard with USB-C ports. By using these adapters, you will be able to reconnect to all your devices.

The MyBat Pro USB-C Male to USB-A Female OTG Adapter expands your connection options! Connect your USB-C laptop or computer to USB-A devices like flash drives, keyboards, mouses, cameras, printers, and more! The adapter can be connected to an external hard drive or flash drive to expand your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, or laptop's storage. Due to the high-speed USB 3.0 input, the device has a transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, allowing you to transfer entire movies and large photo files in seconds! With an aluminum shell and gold-plated connectors, this adapter is built for long-term durability and fast, efficient charging and syncing. Extending connectivity!

10. A Selfie Light For Online Meetings
When working in less-than-ideal lighting, a selfie light is ideal. This little device can make a big difference when everyone sees your face in a meeting.

The MyBat Pro Portable LED Selfie Light will provide studio-quality lighting for your Skype, Zoom, or Teams meetings. Get the right balance of color even in dark rooms or settings with three dimmable color options to choose from: warm, natural, and cold. Unlike standard ring lights, it can be used as a light bar or folded into a unique "Y" shape. Use the included wireless remote to easily change the lighting mode and adjust brightness levels. Get 12 hours of light on a single charge with a long-lasting extensive battery! Brighten up!


The quality of your home office setup can create the difference between enjoying your work from home experience or simply getting tired of it. 

Providing a large selection of office equipment from MyBat Pro will ensure success for your work-at-home endeavor!

Click HERE to view our entire product lineup and enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders!

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