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Why You Need A Magnetic Phone Mount In Your Car

Why You Need A Magnetic Phone Mount In Your Car



How Phone Mounts Add Safety And Convenience To Your Drive


Even though many states have made it mandatory for drivers to use their phones hands-free, emergencies may compel us to look at our phones while driving. Rather than risking a ticket or worse, being involved in an accident, using a magnetic phone mount can save you money and bring far more benefits than you might expect!

While many cars now have built-in navigation systems and screens, for those that don’t, a magnetic phone mount upgrades your car to the same luxury convenience while keeping you focused on the road! Each car, however, is unique, necessitating a mount that maximizes visibility and allows access to all ports and buttons.

Whether you need a mount that fits in your cup holder, on your dashboard, or in your air vent, MyBat Pro has you covered. We have a lineup of magnetic mounts that will keep your phone secure even through the bumpiest and rockiest roads.




How Is A Magnetic Phone Car Mount Useful?
Aside from keeping your phone out of your hands while on the road, magnetic phone mounts can provide a multitude of features that allow you to drive safer and with fewer distractions.

We've compiled a breakdown of the most important and beneficial features of our MyBat Pro Universal Magnetic Mounts to help you decide which mount is best for you!

Hands-Free Calls and Music:
There’s no need to futz around trying to pick through certain songs or playlists; accessing music and call controls through your car’s Bluetooth settings is easier than ever. With your phone mounted, you can instantly switch songs right from the push of a button.

If you’re expecting an important call amid rush hour traffic, the Magentic Lock-Grip Center Console Mount is perfect for letting you see who is calling and answer without any hassle!

Easily View Active Notifications

You can also use a phone mount to see emergency texts from family and coworkers, text and email notifications, and social media updates without having to pick up your phone while on the road.

Easy Navigation Directions

There's no need to constantly check the GPS app or hold your phone during every turn-by-turn announcement as a mount secures your phone at an optimal glanceable level while driving.



The Magnetic Lock-Grip Dash Mount is perfect for rideshare drivers, whether Uber or Lyft, by keeping directions viewable to their passengers and making it easier to pick up new passengers or view a fare.

Convenient Charging Access
Due to their cradle-less designs, the MyBat Pro Universal Magnetic Mounts let you easily charge your phone in portrait or landscape.

The Vent Magnetic Mount is designed to accommodate any charging cable length while giving you the greatest view of your phone without obstructing airflow.

Keep Passengers and Children Entertained During Long Drives
Long drives, especially with a full car, may not be the most exciting or exhilarating activity. However, using a magnetic phone mount, it's never been easier to keep your passengers entertained by playing videos or movies to pass the time.

With its flexible viewing positions and extra-long gooseneck, the Universal Magnetic Cup Holder Mount is the perfect entertainment center for your car!

Seamless, Cleaner Look
Without a bulky cradle or clamps, magnetic mounts give your phone an almost “free-floating” appearance and allow for more visibility than other types of mounts.

How To Choose The Right Magnetic Phone Mount?

While there may appear to be a number of options, when it comes down to it, there are only just three types of mounts available: those that attach to your air vents, those that attach to your dashboard and windshield, and those that fit into your cupholder.

Finding the right magnetic phone mount for your car depends on your type of car and knowing how much visibility you need.



Air Vent Mounts
Thanks to universal vent grips, these mounts can readily connect to most vents, regardless of their shape, size, or thickness. The MyBat Pro Vent Magnetic Mount also features an included vent stabilizer, ensuring maximum security and stability for your phone.

Dash/Windshield Mounts
These mounts utilize a sticky gel pad suction cup with a lock-grip locking lever, allowing the strongest hold possible on your dashboard or windshield. The MyBat Pro dash and windshield mounts come with a Universal Dashboard Pad for Lock-Grip Mounts with a powerful 3M adhesive backing for cars with textured or uneven dashboards, as well as those who desire more mounting options.

For those who want an alternative to using a suction cup on their dashboard, MyBat Pro also offers an adhesive Phone Dash Magnetic Mount that easily attaches to any surface!

Check to see if your state allows the usage of a windshield mount, as some do not.

Cup Holder Mounts
These mounts feature a base that expands to fit cup holders of all sizes and offer the most flexible viewing positioning, thanks in part to an extra-long gooseneck.



For The Undecided
MyBat Pro offers an ingenious 3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Car Mount that features an adhesive dashboard attachment and a vent attachment, allowing you to choose whichever method fits you!

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe?

The magnets used in the MyBat Pro Universal Magnetic Phone Mounts are made out of a rare-earth material called neodymium that won’t interfere with your phone’s GPS, screen, or inner components. Each mounting head features four magnets to ensure that even the largest phones stay secured through the longest drives and even the roughest driving conditions. Each mount also comes with two metal plates, a square, and a round plate, that you may use to mount your phone directly to your phone, behind your phone case, or directly to your phone case.




Magnetic phone mounts provide the most accessible and most convenient view while ensuring that you stay hands-free and with your eyes on the road at all times. Choosing the right phone mount comes down to knowing what type of positioning you want for your car and what kind of benefits you wish to utilize, whether primarily for navigation, entertaining, or getting directions. While there are three main categories of mounts to choose from, some alternatives exist for those who want variety for their mounting experience. Yet whichever mount you choose will become a welcomed part of your driving routine.

Click here to view all MyBat Pro Magnetic Mounts and start driving safer today!

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