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10 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Samsung Galaxy S22 Phone

10 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Samsung Galaxy S22 Phone

The perfect cases, chargers, mounts & more to complement your new Samsung S22 series phone.

After a genuinely epic announcement, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series has finally been announced, and it is one of the most advanced devices on the market. Featuring an incredible 50-megapixel camera on the S22 and S22 Plus and a stunning 108-megapixel camera on the S22 Ultra, an AI-ready Snapdragon 8 processor, and an enhanced 120Hz refresh rate screen display, the S22 series was built to “rewrite innovation.” However, getting your hands on this latest and greatest phone means you need to make sure you choose the right accessories that will protect it, add some style, and ultimately enhance its functionality. 

While it is outfitted with all sorts of bells and whistles, including Victus Gorilla Glass, your Samsung S22 series phone should still be handled with utmost care and protection to ensure it operates at its best. We at MyBat Pro know how important it is that your new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone is protected, powered, and mounted in the right way for your style.

Here is a list of our top 10 must-have accessories that will complement your new Samsung Galaxy S22!

Choose A Case That Fits Your Style!

You can find the perfect case for every style, from eye-catching, trendy designs to durable wallet cases made for active lifestyles. Whichever type of phone case you choose for your Samsung Galaxy S22, you can expect it to enhance functionality and extend the life of the device.

1. Maverick Series Case
Enhanced with multi-layer military-grade protections, the MyBat Pro Maverick Series Cases are the perfect barrier shielding your new Samsung Galaxy S22 from drops, scratches, falls, and impacts during daily adventures. The textured edges and non-slip bumper offer the perfect grip with easy access to all buttons and ports. The 360° rotating holster clip allows you to attach and go and use it as a kickstand for hands-free viewing. Designed with antimicrobial materials, the Maverick can fend off any threat, even the smallest. Additionally, the case includes a tempered glass screen protector to extend the protection of your new phone. Stay independent with the Maverick.

2. Executive Series Cases
You can give your new S22 a professional look with an all-in-one solution that provides easy access to everyday essentials with the MyBat Pro Executive Series Case. This stylish bifold wallet conveniently holds two of your most essential cards, cash, and your phone, allowing you to save space in your pockets and bags. A magnetic closure ensures maximum security for your phone and protects valuables. The case transforms into a horizontal stand so you can watch shows and videos while on the move. With the Executive, you will have easy access to all buttons and ports, as the inner case is crafted with antimicrobial materials and features raised edges on the bezel. Top-of-the-line style and convenience!

3. Stealth Series
For those looking for dual protection from rugged environments and their active lifestyle, the MyBat Pro Stealth Series Case is a solid choice. The sleek and discrete ring holder can be used to prevent accidental drops or as a kickstand for viewing media hands-free on the go. The magnetic ring lets you seamlessly mount this case to any magnet. The Stealth Cases contain antimicrobial materials that keep germs and bacteria at bay. Get maximum reinforcement for your Samsung Galaxy S22 from the Stealth.

4. Lux Series Case 

With a fully transparent backing, the modern and sleek MyBat Pro Lux Series Cases bring out the regal color of your phone. The elegant dual-layer design, rugged outer shell, padded inner shell, and durable polycarbonate outer shell protect your S22 from scratches, bumps, and drops. The case features raised bezel edges and texturized ridged edges for additional safety while providing easy access to all buttons and ports. The ultra-slim and lightweight design makes it compatible with all wireless chargers, so you don’t have to remove the case every time you need to power up! 

5. X Series

Customize your new Galaxy S22 with a colorful range of buttons, and enjoy serious security through a sleek, military-grade design with the MyBat Pro X Series Case. With an anti-microbial lining and raised edges, the slim X Series cases defend your new Samsung Galaxy S22 from all threats, no matter how small. With the ultra-slim design, you won't need to remove the case when it's time to charge, as it's compatible with all wireless chargers. Make your S22 stand out with the X Series!

6. Mood Series

With a wide range of original and illustrious holographic designs, MyBat's Pro Mood Series offers you the possibility of matching your S22 to your outfit, backpack, bag, and style! While providing easy access to all ports and buttons, the ultra-slim and stylish design features raised bezel edges that help ward off falls, scratches, and cracks. Ultra-thin and lightweight design means you don't have to take it off every time you need to recharge! Smudges, grease, and dirt can never outshine the elegance of this case, which is made of premium fingerprint-resistant materials. Give your phone a Mood!

Keeping Your Screen and Camera Clean and Protected!

Protect your new phone from drops, scratches, and other types of damage by using a full coverage tempered glass screen protector and a tempered glass camera lens protector!


Full Curve Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector
Even with the new Victus Gorilla Glass, your new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone is not impenetrable from accidental falls. At 5X stronger than glass, the MyBat Pro Samsung Galaxy S22 Full Coverage Screen Protector (Fingerprint Unlock) offers a diamond-level hardness of 9H to keep your phone fully covered. It is only 0.33 thick, incredibly lightweight, and offers maximum scratch, drop, impact, and shatter protection. You'll never have to worry about fingerprints, smudges, or dirt on your screen with an oleophobic on your screen coating. The glass gives you a perfect fit without limiting your screen’s touch sensor sensitivity, even with a case on. Accidents happen, so stay prepared!

Tempered Glass Camera Lens Screen Protector
Protect your state-of-the-art camera with MyBat Pro’s Tempered Glass Camera Lens Screen Protector. Thanks to a design that fits flush with your lenses, you'll enjoy seamless shooting with complete functionality and high-definition clarity. Compared to regular glass, it gives your Galaxy S22 camera 5X more protection against scratches, scuffs, and smudges. Keeping your lenses streak-free and fingerprint-free is easy with the premium oleophobic coating. Make it easier to protect your camera!

The Perfect High-Speed Charger

Get revolutionary charging speeds with one of MyBat Pro’s high-output Power Delivery wall adapters with up to 20X more power than average chargers! It's a perfect accessory to take advantage of the fast charging feature of your S22.

9. GaN USB-C Travel Adapter Charger (66W)
The MyBat Pro 66W USB-C Travel Adapter is enhanced with a super-charged gallium nitride semiconductor. This high-speed charger is 100X more powerful than a regular silicon charger. With its incredible 66W total output, this charger can power a 16" Macbook Pro from 0 to 100% in 2 hours and your new Samsung Galaxy S22 in just 1 hour with powerful USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charge ports! Smaller and lighter than standard silicon chargers, this ultra-compact and lightweight charger barely takes up any premium space in your outlets and fits any bag for rapid charging anywhere you go! Thanks to its low-heat feature, the charger stays cool to the touch while it powers your devices! Cooler, faster charging!

A Cable That’s As Durable As Your Phone

Stay connected and charged with one of MyBat Pro's incredibly durable charging cables. With reinforced stress points, an extra-thick gauge, and a braided nylon jacket, MyBat Pro cables outlast standard cables.

USB-C To USB-C Zinc Alloy Quick Charging Braided Cable
The MyBat Pro USB-C to USB-C Zinc Alloy Quick Charging Braided Cable is designed to withstand even the toughest wear and tear. Along with fast charging, data transfer, and Power Delivery, this cable has a jacket made of braided nylon that provides a much longer lifespan than average cables. Its connectors are reinforced with zinc alloy to provide even more durability. With 480Mbps transfer, the cable allows you to move large files like pictures and videos in seconds. The 6ft/1.8m length means you can charge anywhere you like, from a wall outlet to a bed or couch, as well as being a passenger or a center console. Power through anything!


Now that you have the Samsung Galaxy S22 in your hands, it's time to pair it with the right accessories to extend its durability and performance.

With MyBat Pro's extensive collection of cases, screen and camera lens protectors, chargers, cables, and more, you can ensure that your new phone has everything it needs.

Click HERE to view our entire Samsung S22 accessory lineup.

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