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How Smart Backpacks Adjust Your Work-Life Balance

How Smart Backpacks Adjust Your Work-Life Balance

Feature-rich, versatile, and functional, smart backpacks are the future of everyday transport

Gone are the days of lugging around a heavy backpack or cumbersome briefcase. Today's carrying essentials must be able to accommodate an active, always-connected lifestyle.

By providing you with the power you need, smart backpacks make it possible to stay connected digitally while on the go! Whether traveling by road, air, or any other means, a smart backpack will make your trip easier while offering a stylish update to your usual commuter gear.

Our goal at MyBat Pro is to make your active lifestyle less complicated. We compiled this list of top reasons smart backpacks are great for staying digitally healthy on the go.

How Smart Backpacks Differ From Regular Backpacks

Unlike traditional backpacks, smart backpacks offer a variety of useful technological features and tricks. Among these are charging devices, playing your favorite music, and more. Simply put, they were designed for modern life.

Why Get A Smart Backpack?

Smart backpacks equipped with charging ports and attachment points for travel trolleys are excellent investments. This will make traveling so much easier by eliminating the need for multiple bags. It's easier to handle rugged environments with a backpack that has all the tools and essentials you need if you frequently travel or are always on the road. In addition to keeping your electronics safe from scorching heat and torrential rain, smart backpacks keep you connected on the go.

Smart backpacks with laptop sleeves, headphone ports, pen loops, and inner pockets are suitable for students. For businesspeople, USB charging ports and power bank connectivity are necessities. An experienced jet-setter may require a larger storage area that can protect all their belongings and is portable, making it easier to travel. 

MyBat Pro offers a wide range of smart backpacks to suit almost every active lifestyle!

For Students Balancing Class and Work

For long days spent balancing classes and work, the EarlyBird Backpack provides ample storage, accessibility, and ergonomic comforts to make it easy for students to get through their days. Organize all of your necessities and keep them easily accessible with the 28L capacity and multiple storage compartments, while your laptop and tablet are protected with padded compartments. You can easily charge your devices by using the built-in USB 2.0 port, and you can listen to your music with the headphone jack! This breathable, water-repellent, and sweat-absorbing nylon backpack features premium adjustable AirMesh Straps and a hidden card pocket to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Seize the day with the EarlyBird!

For Those Who Take Business On The Go

Those who want to look business with class can't go wrong with the Matrix Backpack. Whether you are frequently rushing between the boardroom and boarding the next flight, the Matrix provides you with all the necessary storage, ergonomic comfort, and accessibility to accommodate your every need. Organize everything you need and keep it easy to access with multiple compartments and a 20L carrying capacity. Paddled compartments for your laptop and tablet keep everything safe. Easily charge your devices while on the go with the built-in USB 2.0 port, which connects to any power bank. The Matrix offers exceptional ergonomic comfort with its premium breathable, water-resistant, anti-sweat nylon and premium adjustable AirMesh Straps with a concealed card pocket. You can take the Matrix anywhere, since it's a carry-on-compatible bag with a built-in aluminum handle grip and a luggage trolley sleeve you can easily attach to your suitcase. The Matrix does business in style! 

For The Outdoor Adventurer 

A trailblazing rebel's perfect companion to any adventure, the Outlaw Backpack provides comfort and ease on any path. The 28-liter carrying capacity with multi-storage organization and padding for your laptop, tablet, and more allows you to keep all your necessities within reach while exploring the wilderness or the concrete jungle. Connect any power bank to the built-in USB 2.0 port to conveniently charge your devices when you're on the move! A breathable, water-resistant, sweat-absorbing nylon top and adjustable Airmesh Straps make the Outlaw exceptionally comfortable even on long hikes. No boundaries on your back!

For The Jet-setter 

The Matrix+ Backpack offers first-class features perfect for frequent flyers, commuters, and those on the go. The spacious compartments and extra-large 32L carrying capacity keep everything organized and easily accessible, while the padded compartments for your laptop and tablet ensure your valuables are safe. Power up your phone or tablet while on the go; a built-in USB 2.0 port allows you to connect to any power bank and charge your device. The Matrix+ offers exceptional ergonomic comfort for non-stop travel days. It is made from breathable, water-repellent, anti-sweat nylon, premium adjustable AirMesh Straps, and a hidden card pocket. Travel in style with the Matrix as it's a carry-on bag that features an aluminum handle grip and an easy-to-use luggage trolley sleeve. Your Matrix+ can keep up!


Keeping connected and powered on the move is easier than ever with a smart backpack. These high-tech backpacks, which feature headphone ports and USB connectivity, provide a style unlike any other. In addition to a large storage capacity, these bags have several compartments, making them more than just a backpack.

View MyBat Pro's complete collection of smart backpacks HERE, and choose the one that best fits your active lifestyle!

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